About Christine

Sewing and crafting is such a wonderful gift, providing a creative outlet and refuge for beauty-starved people, male and female alike. The urge to learn to sew and create one’s own items to wear, live with and give to others, can even turn from an avid interest to a blossoming career.

I found this myself when I finally put away my professional ballet shoes and picked up an embroidery needle out of curiosity. I was hooked, if you’ll pardon the pun! I was born in Zimbabwe, moving later to South Africa, both countries rich with different cultures. I was entranced by the multicoloured hues of the fabrics and native artwork. My mother taught me to sew at age 12 and I began making dresses for myself right away.

I have always kept this same love for fabric and its possibilities; eagerly collecting threads, interesting colours and textures of cloth, buttons and every type of haberdashery item.

If, like me, you love mixing colour combinations, touching different fabrics and feeling textures, I think you will find the practice of sewing highly rewarding. My lifelong passion is the wonderful world of fabric and embroidery, and my aim is to impart this love of textile richness in my  classes and the products I sell.

Let the Opulence begin!

My passion is teaching others about the wonderful world of fabric and embroidery.