Eye Pillows

Eye pillows, lightly weighted with flax seeds.

They are used during yoga practice, as well as by those who need to sleep during the day – by travellers and night shift workers, for example.  They are also being found useful by those for whom regular sleep is a distant memory.  Sleep deprivation can be life threatening and is becoming more and more common.

Light is shut out and the vegus nerve stimulated, which can help to secrete a naturally occurring tranquiliser, which in turn, can help to bring peace and calm.  The nervous system, mood, digestion as well as the heart, can be regulated by these lightly weighted pillows.

The cotton covers are removable for laundering.  These pillows are unscented but can be scented with organic essential oil, lavender being popular.

A simple design can be embroidered onto the pillow too!

Contact me on opulent.stitches@talktalk.net for more information and orders.