Early Stitches – Beginner

What You Can Learn:

Classes are tailored to yourself, or your group, and the number of participants is small to ensure each student receives attention. Working at your own pace, you may learn any or all of the following subjects.

    •  – Setting up your sewing space
    •  – Which machine to buy
    •  – How to use your machine
    •  – Tools you need
    •  – Choosing fabrics
    •  – How to read a pattern & cut fabric
    •  – Basics of machine embroidery
    •  – Simple sewing projects
    •  …Topics will be adapted to your level
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Early Stitches

This course is designed for beginners interested in learning the basics of sewing and embroidery. Whether you have never picked up a pair of scissors or if you’ve done it before but its been a few years since you’ve threaded a needle, the Early Stitches class will bring you right up to speed and have you sewing away happily in no time..


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