Sewing Group

What You’ll Learn:

Why not sign up for a Sewing Group? You’ll meet new people with similar interests, experience the joy of learning together and share tips and experiences.

Christine has a warm, accommodating way of teaching and making even the shyest of students feel welcome.

  •  – New skills and experience
  •  – Make lasting friendships
  •  – Inspire people around you
  •  – Share a common love for creativity
  •  – Learn to express yourself
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The Opulent Stitches Sewing Group is a great place to learn new skills and meet some great friends. Each class is carefully designed to promote close collaboration between group members, so that everybody has an opportunity to share their ideas with one another.

The wonder of these sessions is that by sharing the group’s combined experience and creativity, we can learn faster, create more and have a great time doing so!


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